A Solid Gettysburg Show
Author: Robert Lehmann   -   Wednesday October 02, 2019

Both Rob and Robbie concurred that Gettysburg was decent, but surprisingly absent was the usual, brisk retail activity associated with this show. There were bodies in the room, and from an attendance perspective, the show was on par. But what lacked for sales, was more than made up for with buying. The guys spent almost six figures at this small show, including two five-figure rarities that were fresh out of the woodwork. There was no shortage of coins being offered to the guys, but their resistance to buying coins out of auction (what Rob affectionately refers to as auction rehash) resulted in several potential sellers being politely turned away. Although our company moratorium on coins with auction history is perplexing to some, it is a business model that Rob and Robbie have stuck with, and one that has garnered The Reeded Edge a very loyal following. 

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