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J. H. Cline
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Palm Harbor, FL 34682
(727) 785-2148
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Cline's was founded by J. H. Cline in 1964. 


The company started with the purpose of researching

and promoting Standing Liberty Quarters.

       Since it's founding, Cline's has striven to provide it's customers with excellence in the selection of items.  So much so, that by many of his piers, J.H. Cline is considered to be the authoritative source in the Numismatic industry on Standing Liberty Quarters.  In 1975 he wrote and published a book on Standing Liberty Quarters.  Since it's publication, he has revised it twice to reflect the changes within the industry and republished a 3rd Revised Edition..

       Mr. Cline began collecting in high school with a few Indian Head cents.  His first Standing Liberty Quarter was a severely cleaned 1918-S from a friend who asked the great sum of .35¢ for the coin.  He bought that piece in the early 1950's and one Saturday, took it to the local coin shop, located in a basement in Dayton, Ohio.  He asked if he could purchase another piece of the same style.  The proprietor came out with two pieces.  1917-S Ty. I's.   One piece was a normal one.  The other was of the "full nipple" variety.  Mr. Cline preferred the sharp full head.  The owner of the shop wanted $5.00 for the normal one, and $7.50 for the other.  While the proprietor was trying to sell the piece for it's "full nipple" variety, Mr. Cline purchased the piece for it's great full head.  So began a life long endeavor of collecting SLQs with full heads.

       Since there was nearly nothing in print about the series, Mr. Cline began doing his own research and started compiling notes.   He noted that the "Red Book" stated that "Full head specimens are worth more than prices listed."  Mr. Cline began his full-time career in numismatics in 1964 - continuing to purchase the full head variety Standing Liberty Quarters and compiling his notes until 1975.  At that point, he published his first book on the subject and began specializing strictly in the Standing Liberty series.   Since the initial book's printing, Mr. Cline has published an additional two works on Standing Liberty Quarters.  (Still available - see our "Books" page for information)  In the 3rd edition, he gave the series a numbering system (which he hopes the grading services will soon adopt). 

      He is still actively collecting, photographing, compiling notes on the series.

      Cline's is not like other companies you may have dealt with in the past.  For example, all encapsulated items are backed with a strict seven day return policy.  As all items are encapsulated by the three major grading services, PCGS, NGC, and ANACS (except the circulated grades) if you're not satisfied, return the item(s) for a refund (minus shipping and handling).


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