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Thomas Bush
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The Philosophy of Thomas Bush Numismatics
As the sole owner and only employee of Thomas Bush Numismatics you can be assured that you are always dealing with someone who cares about your satisfaction. My background is not that of a professional numismatist, but rather as a trained scientist. I have earned degrees in chemistry and biology as well as a PhD in molecular biology, which was followed by extensive experience in industry and academia. Over the years I have attended many auctions and larger shows, taken tables at shows, performed pre-lot auction screening, handled consignments, liquidated collections, contributed to the ANA monthly magazineNumismatist and written multiple articles for Coin Values magazine. Most recently, I have worked with Dick Graham to produce a new reference book for Reeded Edge half dollars titled "A Registry of Die Varieties of Reeded Edge Half Dollars 1836-1839". Currently, I have expanded my presence in numismatics in an attempt to help others obtain coinage that is consistent with what I value within the hobby-industry. 

I endeavor to purchase coinage that satisfies my aesthetic requirements and represents what I believe to be very good value. In this respect I believe strongly that quality is what you value and in this instance that would mean original, attractive, problem-free coinage with superior eye appeal acquired at a fair price relative to the scarcity of the issue and difficulty to obtain in the desired grade range. There are times that I pay far more than what might be considered market value and other times that I will decline to handle an issue or example due to any number of factors. Ultimately, I list coinage on this site only if the coinage would be welcome within my own collection and I attempt to treat others in a manner consistent with how I would want to be treated.
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