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Jeremy Katz
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Cambridge, MA 02139
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TonedCoinStore.Com was started in August, 2006, by Jeremy Katz. A collector since grade school, Jeremy has come to appreciate many types of U.S. coins for their beauty and history. He is most interested in--and his personal collection consists of--beautifully toned coins of all varieties and type coins.

Jeremy grew up in New Jersey, and now spends most of the year in Cambridge, MA, where he is a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying aeronautical engineering and biomedical engineering. When he is not in Cambridge, Jeremy can be found around the country, doing photographic, computer, and consulting work for various coin dealers or doing scientific research.

In addition to buying and selling coins, Jeremy also greatly enjoys photographing them and writing about various aspects of numismatics. Jeremy's writing has appeared in NumismatistCoin World, and Numismatic News. Additionally, in 2003, Jeremy took 1st place in the PCGS Young Numismatist Essay Contest. A year later, in the summer of 2004, Jeremy was invited to work with a dozen or so other volunteers from around the country as the Smithsonian Museum of American History closed its numismatic exhibit and needed help removing coins from the exhibit floor and returning them to their proper locations within the Smithsonian coin vault. Jeremy has also attended the ANA Summer Seminar three times, where he has studied Numismatics of the American Revolution and both beginning and advanced Coin Grading. In 2005, Jeremy gave a presentation on coin photography that was so well received he was invited to give it again at the Numismatic Theater at the ANA World's Fair of Money in San Francisco.

At heart, Jeremy is a collector who likes nice coins and professional service. As they say, one should treat others as he would like to be treated, and Jeremy strives to do just this. If you are buying from Jeremy, you can be assured that the coin will meet or exceed your expectations, or you will receive a full refund promptly. If you are having him photograph or sell your coins, you can be confident that you will receive great service and be kept up to date with every step of the process.

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