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The New Orleans Mint started minting coins in 1838 until 1861 when The Civil War began. It resumed minting coins in 1879 until 1909 when the coin presses were shutdown forever. There is a lot of history behind The New Orleans Mint. Click on the History of the New Orleans Mint page to learn about the Old Mint’s History. Since the introduction of the new Louisiana State Quarter, the Old Mint has taken on a new look. There are many new displays and exhibits including an old coin press that makes a visit to the Old Mint a must for the Numismatist. The museum has upgraded the New Orleans Coin Exhibit and plans are underway to raise funds to continuously improve it. I have some of my personal New Orleans Coin Collection on display there along with some of Rick Demers' collection. Stop by the next time you are near New Orleans!


Greg Lambousy with the Louisiana State Museums has completed renovations of the Mint and it reopened October 20, 2007. As part of the renovation the Mint has a new coin display that will be a big improvement. This has been a much awaited event and the improvments should please all numismatic and historical interests. Spread the word and try to visit the Mint in the near future. 

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