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We've recently opened a new store on VCoins where we are adding new inventory daily and we continue running eBay auctions weekly, as we have for years. We offer coins for the beginner on a budget to the serious collector of rare ancient Roman, Greek, and Byzantine coins.

At JJFN we've been selling ancient coins front our online storefronts for nearly 15 years. We try to live by our motto: "For love of coins, not money!"

We keep an active presence on social media and also try to keep up with our blog, ancientcoincollectors.com. In my role as General Manager, including Client Relations, I (Curtis) am always available and happy to hear from other collectors by email.

Our specialty is primarily in the area of Greek Silver coins, large Roman Imperial coins from the first and second centuries AD as well as common late Roman bronze coins. We have also been lucky enough to become familiar with most general varieties of Greek, Roman Republican and Provincial, Byzantine, and some more obscure ancient coin types (e.g., North African, Islamic, Indian, and Holyland Cultures).

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and willingness to work with them on special orders and pricing, including after business is completed. Many of our clients have been in contact with us for months and years - a point of special pride and effort.


Please don't hesitate to contact me personally any time. Thanks and best regards!

Curtis, JJFN General Manager

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