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ICG guarantees that all coins submitted to its grading service will be handled with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Any Customer may resubmit any coin for review of the grade assigned by ICG if such Customer believes that such coin has been over-graded by ICG. If the coin submitted for review by the Customer receives a lower grade under ICG’s internal review practices than the grade originally assigned, ICG shall, at ICG’s option, either (a) replace the coin, or (b) pay any difference between the current fair market value of such coin at the newly established grade and the current market value of the grade originally assigned to such coin. The fair market value shall be determined solely by ICG. From time to time, ICG will receive certain Pedigree Coins, Important Rarities, large quantities of coins, bulk submissions, or coins where the identity of the owner has been well publicized or well known throughout the numismatic community. Although ICG may be able to assume the identity of such owners, ICG reserves the right to grade such coins under ICG’s standard practices. This ICG Guarantee shall not apply to:

(a) any clerical error with respect to the description or grade of the coin;
(b) any coins subjected to improper storage conditions (such as extreme temperature or extreme conditions etc.);
(c) any coins exhibiting environmental deterioration subsequent to certification; that is, after ICG has graded and encapsulated a coin.  This deterioration may include, but is not limited to, spotting, hazing, PVC contamination, changes in color, and corrosion.
(d) any copper coins because the color and surfaces can change due to environmental factors, including weather and improper storage; ICG does not guarantee against changes in the color of copper coins, or against copper spotting subsequent to grading and encapsulation by ICG.
(e)  any coins not encapsulated by ICG.

ICG cannot guarantee the liquidity of any coin graded by ICG. ICG certification of a particular coin cannot provide protection from the risks inherent in any market for such coins, if such a market exists.

ICG Terms & Conditions

  1. ICG reserves the right to refuse to grade coins which ICG, at its sole discretion, decides not to encapsulate in its holders due to previous damage, questionable toning or altered surfaces to such coins, or due to negative eye appeal, as determined by ICG.
  2. ICG will credit the account of any Customer whose coins ICG decides not to encapsulate, with a deduction for administration and processing by ICG at ICG’s option with the exception of coins ICG determines to be of questionable authenticity or with active corrosion or contamination. For such coins you will be charged the full grading fee. At its sole discretion and at any time, ICG may decide to encapsulate any coins that ICG decided not to encapsulate at the time of submission by Customer.
  3. Coins submitted to ICG will be graded within a commercially reasonable time-period. ICG assumes no liability of any kind whatsoever to Customer for any incidental or consequential damages due to ICG’s delay in grading any coins, or due to any other action or inaction of ICG. Turnaround times may not be guaranteed.
  4. Any coins damaged or lost while in the possession of ICG may result in compensation to Customer in accordance with ICG’s standard practices, which compensation need not be based upon the stated value on the ICG Submission Form submitted by Customer.
  5. ICG shall assume no liability of any kind whatsoever for damage to any coins due to the failure of an ICG holder or due to damage which occurs while any coins are not in ICG’s control or possession.
  6. In the event that coins submitted to ICG must be removed from their holders for re-grade or cross-over services, ICG shall assume no liability of any kind whatsoever for removal of coins from their holders and the re-encapsulations of such coins.
  7. All coins sent to Customer by ICG must be inspected by Customer when received. Any damage discovered by Customer must be reported to ICG within five days of the Customer’s receipt of such coins.
  8. The grading of coins is an exercise of professional judgment and opinion, which can be subjective and may change from time to time. As a result, ICG shall assume no liability of any kind whatsoever and makes no warranties or representations to Customer for any grade assigned by ICG to any coins.
  9. ICG shall assume no liability of any kind whatsoever to Customer for any personal injury or damage to any coin, or otherwise, which occurs as a result of breaking open an ICG holder.
  10. Except as expressly set forth herein, ICG disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, regarding ICG’s grading service and all activities of ICG related thereto.
  11. ICG will always try to return any non-Mint holders and tags that are submitted with your coins; however, ICG is not responsible for them in the event they are lost or damaged.
  12. The parties understand and agree that these Terms and Procedures confer no rights, duties or obligation to third parties, but only to the parties hereto, and that neither party hereto intends to confer any third-party beneficiary or other such rights to anyone not a party to this agreement.Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the parties agree that if and to the extent ICG is liable to Customer for damages, such damage is limited to and will not exceed the total value of compensation paid to ICG by customer on any particular coin or coins.

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