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J.R. Austin 1923 – 2012

J. Austin born January 20th 1923 in Knoxville TN started life boldly and fearlessly. When the Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor dec 7 1941 Jack immediately went and signed up for the Navy and became an airman. After his first 28 missions he could have gone home, but instead stayed for the duration of the War. He was honorably discharged in 1945 with noteworthy decorations. Later when he was asked by his grandson Mark if he was ever scared. He did not hesitate even a moment when asked “Scared? Were we scared? Hell no we weren’t scared… You can’t do anything with a plane full of scared people!” That statement personified his life and made a major impact on his Grandson and is still part of the J. Austin philosophy to this day. “You can’t do business if your scared of the market or unsure of what you are doing. Fear and success cannot exist in the same plane nor business” Jack began buying coins and other investments right after the war. He was knowledgable of supply and demand and his investment knowledge and solid decision making brought him great wealth and success. He never second guessed the market. He learned during the war that the best decisions are made by having a deeper sense of knowing, it’s not emotion based. One fateful day in 1944 when Jack’s plane was riddle with anti aircraft fire and burst into flames, he did not look back he simply did what was necessary to save what was left of his crew and plane. The plane flew at times only 50 feet above the water on one engine, no ammo, and little fuel before it landed. Jack never bragged about his heroism, if you asked him about it, he would only say he did what needed to be done. He was awarded the air medal for his actions that day. Before leaving the Navy accumulated 275.7 combat hours over enemy territory.

Jack’s oldest Daughter Elizabeth Austin Married Bill Hutto in 1966 Bill in the late 70s joined the numismatic and bullion market until his untimely passing when Mark was only 14. It would be another decade before his youngest son Mark took the reigns of numismatic adventurism and began buying coins and valuables across Europe with his newlywed wife Andrea. Together Mark and Andrea expanded the concept from coins and bullion investments to include diamonds, antique jewelry, ancient artifacts, as well as militaria and vintage sports memorabilia. Today they run two shops right here in the Rogue Valley. Mark has almost twenty years of professional numismatic experience from buying coins in Europe to managing an online numismatic auction house. Andrea is the brains behind the diamond business with almost a decade of professional diamond buying experience. If you want to learn more about them stop by either shop and say hello.


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