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Morris Khouli
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Palmyra Heritage, Inc.
Authentic Ancient Coins & Antiquities.

Palmyra Heritage:

Selling Ancient Coins and Antiquities. We specialize in coins and artifacts of the Ancient cultures, such as Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Pre Colombian Artifacts, and Islamic Art.

We are a 3rd generation family business, and we have a gallery in NYC since 1995. Member of the ANS and The Florida Numismatic Association. We are known for our expertise and reasonable Prices. 

We offer a large selection ancient coins and artifacts from numerous cultures. All our items are acquired legally from local private collections and estates. 

Whether you’re a new collector looking to start your collection or a long time collector looking for a special item, Palmyra Heritage can help you find what you’re looking for. Browse our website for authentic ancient coins and artifacts. Please join our email list to receive newsletters about new acquisitions.

If you are l
ooking to sell or consign your ancient coins or artifacts, please email us with pictures and details of the item, and we will get back to you.

If you have any questions Do not hesitate to contact us! 

Morris Khouli

Tel: (212) 319-1077 


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