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When you are ready to sell gold in and around the Boca Raton and surrounding areas, our gold buyers are ready to buy it.  In fact, with high gold prices, this is the perfect time to sell those broken gold necklaces, the inherited pins and broaches you received a decade earlier, or the earrings that were given to you by someone from your past.

Whether you have vintage jewelry, designer bracelets, or any kind of gold earrings, charms, necklaces, or gold nuggets, we will provide complementary, professional appraisals to determine the cash value of your gold.



With forty years of experience, Blackthorn offers very competitive pricing for all your gold pieces, regardless of the size, condition, color (yellow gold, white gold, green gold, and even pink), age, style, or number of karats.  If the gold pieces have precious or semi-precious stones, we can offer you competitive pricing for both the gold and gemstones or we can remove the gemstones so you can keep them.


Blackthorn Gold – Gold Buying Specialists

At Blackthorn, our appraisals and transactions are risk-free and obligation-free.  Our expert jewelers are licensed, bonded, and insured, and each has extensive experience appraising jewelry and estate valuables.  A jewelry expert will meet with you to conduct a private appraisal, quoting the value of your gold pieces and taking time to explain how the value was calculated.  If you decide to sell, you will receive immediate cash for the value of your gold.

If you would like to determine the value of your gold, please contact us at (844) 333-4567 for an immediate, personal appointment or phone consultation.

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