Christal Clear Showcases
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Chris Seuntjens
2075 NE 126th Ave.
Alleman, IA 50007
Dealer # 6671
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Christal  Clear Showcases is THE revolutionary patented design portable trade show case. The tops are totally clear, even the sides. Their modular design allows the tops and bottoms to engage and disengage in 2 seconds. The tops and bottoms (nest) which allows for mazimum space savings in travel. In fact, 3 stacked Christal Clear Showcases is 6 inches deep vs 10 inches for the standard alumnum cases. Christal Clear Showcases also weigh 30% less than the standard aluminum show cases. Dealers that have used these cases at trade shows attest to the fact that their sales have increased due to increased traffic to their booth and their products being showcased in the best light possible. 3 Christal Clear Showcases fit conveniently in one travel bag for easy transport.


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