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Jeff Lazaruis
7073 SE Maricamp RD
Ocala, FL 34472
Dealer # 6935
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Wholesale Dealer, buying and selling:

  • Gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion coins and bars
  • US coins, including commemorative coins, NGC and PCGS graded coins, Silver Eagles
  • US paper money, including confederate currency, gold certificates, Hawaiian Federal Reserve notes, Large collectible banknotes, PMG graded paper notes, Silver Certificates, uncut currency sheets
  • Zimbabwe notes (packs or bundles) 10T, 20T, 50T and 100T; consecutive and nonconsecutive; uncirculated and used packs
  • Vietnamese Dong
  • Iraqi Dinars
  • Venezuelan Bolivars
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • And other foreign countries
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