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Our Philosophy

Buying rare coins can be a rich and rewarding endeavor .  We strive to select only quality coins with outstanding eye appeal for our customers.  Since not every coin is truly rare, we select coins with a fundamental reason to rise in value based upon supply and demand factors.  Every client may be assured of the highest level of integrity

dollar_doorOur company attempts to immediately instill in each client a Master Plan: that he or she is a single, but important “depository” for the immensely valuable coins of the future. That a collector who paid $20.00 for a rare U.S. Silver Dollar in 1970, and $1,500.00 in 1990, will be desperate to obtain that coin in the next decade at $5,000. The Source, the “depository” will be our investors: YOU!

Let us mention that integrity and commitment can be just words. They must be defined by the demonstrable actions of the company who claims them.  We have worked with  thousands of individuals like yourself  since 1989, placing over $100,000,000 dollars in of valuable rare coins in the hands of  avid collectors and sophisticated investors.  Let Park Avenue Numismatics show you a level of professionalism that is unequalled in rare coin industry.

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