South Carolina Tokens
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PO Box 420
Prosperity, SC 29127
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Wanted: South Carolina Tokens ??

  • All types of South Carolina Trade Tokens: Tokens from Cotton Mills, Lumber Companies, General Stores, Drug Stores, Military Bases, Bakeries, Dairies, and more.... ??
  • All other types of South Carolina exonumia wanted also, including Transit Tokens, Parking Tokens, Masonic Pennies, Encased Coins, Elongated Coins, Food Stamp Tokens, Wooden Nickels, etc.... ??
  • All types of items wanted from the 1901-1902 South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition (also known as the Charleston Exposition). ??
  • Also wanted: Stereoviews showing South Carolina scenes and subjects, especially those picturing the Charleston area during and immediately after the Civil War. ??
  • I’m also collecting Patrick Mint tokens, both the Bicentennial series and the new series currently in production T
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