4 Mile Coin & Collectibles Show
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4 Mile Showplace
1025 4 Mile Road
NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Steve Garvin

The coin and collectible markets have taken a slump in the last few years [with the dawn of the internet] and we aim to kick the tires and light the fires on the resurgence of our beloved hobbies. Whats more fun than searching for that lost gem? That last piece of the puzzle? The last sports card in the series? The low mintage variety? The short run limited release? The newest print or option color? ....the possibilities abound! From numismatics to toys, militaria, sports cards, stamps, Lego, jewelry and beyond there will be something for everyone.

The 4 mile showplace is listed as a 38,000 sq.ft venue with nearly 19,000 of it dedicated to THIS SHOW!!!

Come put your hands on history! Become a part of history. Take some home with you!!

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2020 at this phenomenal new event/space. Mark your calendars!

Please verify the show times and dates before attending the "4 Mile Coin & Collectibles Show", as they are subject to change.
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