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A Reaction to Mark Salzberg's PCGS Article
Posted on Wednesday January 18, 2017

I read an article yesterday by Mark Salzberg from NGC about a correlation between PCGS certified coins rising populations and dropping values.

Read the full Salzberg article here.

In his piece, Salzberg asserts the PCGS has lowered its grading standards in the past five years to allow for higher grades to be assigned. The entire time I was reading the article I couldn't shake the idea that something was amiss. Obviously, NGC and PCGS are competitors, so one company's Chairman writing about the other company is always suspect. Since the post took a negative tone toward PCGS, while sprinkled with compliments for NGC, it became apparent that this was a take-down piece. The goal of a take-down piece is to lower public opinion of an individual or group, take them down a peg.

Knowing that, I wanted to point out a few things about TPGs in general.Read more »
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IN GOD WE TRUST - Some Perspective
Posted on Saturday January 14, 2017

I recently saw a short video on Facebook about keeping IN GOD WE TRUST on U.S. currency. It said something to the effect of, "The U.S. should keep IN GOD WE TRUST on our money. Share if you agree."

My first thought is, "Is there a serious chance that Congress will vote to remove our national motto from our currency?" Probably not; too many people would be voted out of office on the next election cycle if that happened.

My second thought was, "IN GOD WE TRUST has only been the national motto for about sixty years." While the motto's relative newness shouldn't detract from its meaning, intent, or power, I cringe inwardly when I see it presented as something that has been with our nation since the Revolution.Read more »
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Coin Giveaway # 3
Posted on Saturday January 07, 2017

Happy New Year! Time to give away another coin. The Stamp and Coin Place has put up the sweet Morgan pictured here.

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A winner will be chosen on 1/20/17.

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A Game of Coins
Posted on Friday January 06, 2017

Why are there no numismatic games? I mean, aside from flipping a coin, a total classic by the way, there just aren't any good games featuring coins. This seems like an opportunity for entrepreneurial minded collectors.

Numismatic games would give collectors a new way to interact with our hobby. Imagine if your coin club held a game night. Cool, right? I would be more tempted to join a club (there are no clubs in my area, so it's really not an issue but I'm just saying) if there was a game night. Instead of a lecture, we could talk coins over a game.
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Spreading the word about coins
Posted on Friday December 30, 2016

This post is for anyone looking to build an audience, fan base, or community. For instance, numismatic professionals, especially those who sell online. Facebook group admins will benefit from what follows; likewise, coin club members and anyone who wants to help spread the word about the joys of numismatics. My goal is to help you understand how social and micro media can help expand your footprint (digital and real-world), whether that means driving sales, capturing mindshare, increasing opt-ins, reaching new prospects, or simply getting more Likes or Followers.


Marketing is a game of eyeballs. How many eyeballs can you get to look in your direction? And, of those, how many can you get to pay attention? And, most important of all, how many can you get to return once they've left?

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that marketing is about hammering away at people with non-stop ads and pitches. It isn't. Good marketing is about building relationships.
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Odds and Ends 12/20/16
Posted on Tuesday December 20, 2016

It's been a over a week since I last posted. Sorry about that. I've been doing those behind the scenes things that keep The Coin Blog awesome.
I wanted to do something different in this post. Instead of a straight up article, I am going to highlight all of the cool things that happened in the past week or so.
Mint Error Coin Guide App
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Bargain hunting for coins
Posted on Monday December 12, 2016

By: Tim Stroud

If you are like me, you try and pay as little as possible for the coins you add to your collection. Here, I will share what I do when hunting for coins at bargain prices.Read more »
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Coin Mining
Posted on Thursday December 08, 2016

What is coin mining?

Google "coin mining" and you're going to see page after page of Bitcoin mining websites. That is 100% not what I discuss in this article.

Real coin mining is when someone purchases a large amount of a certain type of coin, wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, mercury dimes, etc., and proceeds to remove all of the better than average value coins. I know this sounds like what many roll or bag searchers do, but there is the added element of speed.
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Numismatic snobbery: A rant
Posted on Sunday December 04, 2016

Warning:  This post has some colorful language. Nothing crazy, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 14.

I am going to make a few assumptions about you. Yeah, you; the one reading this right now.

- You are a coin collector.
- You have not spent a lot of money on the coins in your collection. In fact, you probably got many of them for face value.
- You are under 65 years old.
- You do not routinely visit a local coin shop, nor do you attend more than two coin shows a year, if that. There is a very good chance you attend none at all.
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The Royal Mint is taking a golden leap forward
Posted on Tuesday November 29, 2016

This morning there was a post on LinkedIn that caught my eye. It was a piece from The Telegraph that talked about how the Royal Mint is going to begin offering gold trading using blockchain technology.

Are you asking yourself, "What the hell does blockchain mean?" Don't worry, I'm sure you're not alone. I knew the term was somehow related to cryptocurrency, but that was all. I spent a couple of hours reading and bouncing ideas off my three-year-old, always a good sounding board, and decided to write a little bit about it.Read more »
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A Remarkable Machine
Posted on Sunday November 27, 2016

I hadn't even posted the final piece in my 3-part series about computerized grading when I was contacted with some incredible news. There is a coin dealer in northwestern Washington named Tim Rathjen, he runs The Stamp & Coin Place. He has also invented a machine. At first glance, the contraption appears to be a simple coin sorter. It isn't until you look in the collection bins that you see the genius at work.

Called simply, "The Machine," by it's creators, the invention utilizes bright field digital imagery and coin recognition software to sort coins by type, year, mint, grade, and value.
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Posted on Saturday November 26, 2016



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Canadian One Kilo Silver Commem - From CoinUpdate
Posted on Wednesday November 23, 2016

On November 11, the Royal Canadian Mint officially launched an extraordinary numismatic homage to the country’s 150th anniversary of confederation. The pure silver coin, with a weight of one kilogram, pays tribute to the many commemorative and circulation coins issued since Canadian confederation in 1867. The collage-style design includes some of some of Canada’s finest and most widely recognized coins, in precise detail, at actual diameters, and in ultra-high relief. (Scroll down for more on these coins, and on the history of Canada’s confederation.)

Featuring approximately 35 obverse or reverse images from previous and current circulation coinage, this amazing large-format coin makes the ideal canvas of purest silver. The subjects range from the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote to the Victory nickel of the Second World War; from the War of 1812 to the 50th anniversary of the Canadian flag; from the Canadian Arctic Expedition to the Canadian Centennial series. And of course the iconic and ever-familiar Voyaguer dollar, though hard to find, is included the design.

The obverse includes the effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II as created by Susanna Blunt and used on all Canadian circulation and many commemorative coins since 2003. The reverse of the 2017-dated coin is sure to include an example of most every collector’s favorite Canadian coin, with many being easy to spot. Suitable as a collector’s piece as well as for presentation, this one-kilo coin is limited to 500 pieces.

Read the rest here...

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The Road to Computerized Grading - Part 3
Posted on Saturday November 19, 2016

So far we have covered why an impartial and automated grading option would be beneficial and how the machine itself could possibly function.

Unfortunately, I do not foresee any of the current major grading companies working to develop this level of technology. It would be irresponsible of them to try. Building a computer that can identify, authenticate, and grade coins is going to be a cash-hungry black hole for a large company. The amount of funding it would take to get the computer fully functional, especially to accurately grade mint state coins, where eye appeal is a factor, would put too large a strain on an existing company's cash flow to make the endeavor worthwhile. In addition, the current companies have jobs to protect. No one likes to let people go. When computerized grading becomes fully functional it will mean a loss of jobs.Read more »
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Unscrupulous Coin Dealers - What to look for.
Posted on Wednesday November 16, 2016

"You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters." ~ Captain Barbosa Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I wanted to post something a little different. Lately, I have been focusing on how to improve the hobby and, hopefully, how to save some of the larger companies we attribute with numismatics. This time, I want to call bullshit on three companies:

Littleton Coin Company
National Collector's Mint
Home Shopping Network
Read more »
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