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Roof Top Burglary- Texas Coins-San Antonio
Posted on Tuesday March 13, 2018

On 3/12/18 between the hrs 4:20 am - 7-30 am, burglars came through the roof disabled the alarm, wireless transmitter and battery. The backup would not work without a battery. The suspects then used a diamond saw to cut through a large Melnik safe door.




Partial listing of stolen coins & Currency:

1909s-VDB fine rim nick at date and quarter moon scuff below date
15 ...

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After 55 years, CDN is making a BOLD move. We're merging all our award-winning coin publications into a SINGLE "Monthly Greysheet" edition.

Everyone wins!  Every month, subscribers will get:

All the pricing from all of our coin sheets in a single large-format tabloidAdded price columns in nearly EVERY seriesEvery one gets BLUESHEET pricingEvery one gets CAC pricingEvery one gets ...

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Numismatic Crime Information Center
California dealer Brad Watts, (Classic Currency), had his home broken into and entire inventory stolen.

Partial List of stolen inventory

Large Size Type Notes

PCGS 66 Series 1901 $10 Buffalo
PCGS 65 Series 1896 $ 2 Educational
PMG 63 Series 1891 $ 2 Mc Pherson
PMG 64 Series 1891 $ 2 Mc Pherson
PCGS VF 20 Series 1918 $2 Battleship K. C.
PCGS 63 ...

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Today (1/7/18) at the Low Country Civil War & Artifact Show held in Mount Pleasant, several items were stolen off of dealers tables. In particular stolen from the table of civil war dealer Addam Coe was was a non-dug large South Carolina Palmetto Guards button worth several thousand dollars. If anyone has been offered this button for sale please contact Robert E. Bohrn , Addam Coe, or the Mount ...

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Money Free and Unfree
Posted on Monday December 18, 2017
Why has the United States experienced so many crippling financial crises, along with other sorts of monetary and financial troubles, throughout its history? The popular answer: U.S. banks have long been poorly regulated, subjecting the economy to the whims of selfish interest, which must be tempered by more government regulation and centralization.

In Money: Free and Unfree George Selgin turns this ...

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P.A.N. Year End Charitable Donation Offer
Posted on Tuesday November 28, 2017

Hello Friends of the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists,

It is the time of year that we receive donations from many of our members. This time we have a couple of good incentives to offer. A $100 donation to P.A.N. includes a Sweepstakes Ticket with four chances to win $10,000. There are only 250 tickets issued so the odds are pretty good.

We still have some of the 1989 ANA Convention Medal ...

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Posted on Thursday November 16, 2017

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is assisting the Ohio Attorney General's Office in identifying the suspect pictured above who allegedly sold a victim over $12,000 in counterfeit one ounce gold Perth bars. The victim contacted the suspect through a listing on Craigslist.

Anyone with information should contact:

John Costello
Criminal Investigator - Economic Crimes Unit Consumer Protection ...

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Eric P. Newman
Posted on Thursday November 16, 2017

Eric P. Newman died Wednesday, November 15, 2017, at his home in St. Louis at the age of 106. Devoted husband of the late Evelyn Edison Newman for 75 years, brother of the late Ivy Steele of Chicago, beloved father of Linda Newman Schapiro of New York and Andrew (Peggy) Newman of St. Louis, enthusiastic and inspiring "Opa" to his grandchildren Joshua (Geula) Solomon, Dan Newman (Amber Reed), Abigail Solomon ...

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Numismatic Crime Information Center (ALERT)

A UPS Package being shipped to Watertown,MA has been reported Lost/Stolen. The package contained the following coins.

1934 Walker PCGS MS66+ CAC Last Four of Serial 2019
1934-S Walker PCGS MSGG CAC Last Four of Serial 8535
1935 Walker PCGS MS66 CAC PQ Last Four of Serial 0027
1935-D Walker PCGS MS65 CAC PQ Last Four of Serial 9887
1936-D Walker PCGS ...

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1. A milk crate containing sections of a tabletop display that locked into a metal base like the

auto parts dealers used to look up parts several years ago. The thieves left the base but took

the sections containing the coins. The sections were stocked with 1 ½ X 1 ½ and 2 X 2 staple

type coin holders with the vast majority having 4 staples each and coded in the lower left

corner using a ...

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21st Edition of Friedberg
Posted on Monday October 23, 2017

Sixty-four years after its introduction, the twenty-first edition of Paper Money of United States, the standard reference book on United States paper money, is being released by the Coin & Currency Institute. In 1953, the late Robert Friedberg (1912-1963) broke new ground when the Treasury Department granted permission for photographs of American paper money to be printed for the first time. The current ...

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Peel Regional Police investigators from the 12 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau have released a suspect description following the theft of rare collectible coins and banknotes worth more than $1 million from the owner of Vancouver’s J&M Coin and Jewellery last month.

Peel police said the suspect is described as male with an olive complexion, heavy build, an age of 35 to 45 years ...

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Numismatics is Broken
Posted on Monday September 25, 2017
At least once per week I see an article, blog post, or someone talking about how we need to get children involved in numismatics. Oddly, at the same time, I also see precious few ideas being offered. It seems no one can wrap their head around how to get a younger crowd to care about numismatics. It's kind of funny to be on the outside looking in at this situation. Everyone is saying how it has to happen, tens of ...

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Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Investigative Operations Bureau
- Economic Crimes Unit

Pinellas County Consumer Protection

Tampa Police Department

Seth Felipe Lutz (Arrested)
DOB: 9/4/1961
Address: 6720 Louis Avenue South, Apartment 1207, Tampa
Charges: One count of Aggravated White Collar Crime and (37) counts of Grand Theft

Detectives ...

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Coin Clubs can receive $300 from PAN
Posted on Thursday August 24, 2017

The Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists will defray part of the costs for your local coin club to charter a bus to the PAN Coin Show and Convention to be held Thursday October 26 th through Saturday October 28 th 2017.

PAN is offering a $300 reimbursement to any coin club that would like to organize a charter bus trip for their members to come to the PAN Fall Coin Show and Convention. We would like to be able to ...

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