Great Show April 15, 2017
Author: Michael Dixon   -   Saturday April 15, 2017

Today, I attended the Milton, WV show to promote the National Battlefield Coin Show™ in Gettysburg.  The show is a small venue with 29 tables, but it was a throwback to the coin shows of the 1970s and early 1980s with mostly raw coins.  I was amazed at the diversity, quality and quantity of coins.  The first coin I saw was an 1800 bust dollar in VF, which a buyer was negotiating with the dealer over.  Other mentionable coins I saw were: Colonials, Hawaiian, Feuchtwanger cent, Isabella quarter, Norse medal,  and early copper.  There was an amazing 1924 S Standing Liberty Quarter which was toned in the brown and fire orange that you occasionally see on them.  It was a nice MS63 raw coin, but the dealer was working with somebody who was selling a collection, so I didn’t bother him.  One customer was negotiating with a dealer on a Braided hair cent.  The dealer had it marked XF, but the customer was trying to negotiate the price down to VF.  Collector coins seemed to be selling well.  I saw several collectors with their bookshelf albums filling holes of Walking Liberty half dollars, early Lincoln cents and Franklin halves.  I was thrilled and amazed to see a show reminding me of years gone by. 


Cecil Starcher and the Mountain State Numismatic Society (MSNS) did an excellent job putting on the show.  The MSNS will have a larger show in Huntington, WV in July, and I would invite everybody within driving distance to go.  For me, it will be a 6 hour drive, but I plan to go. 


Thanks to Alan (CoinZip) for placing the weekly show schedule on the PCGS' U.S. Coin forum.  Had it not been for Alan placing the weekly show schedule, I would not have known about this show.


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