My first coin show ever, newbie perspective report on Buena Park!
Author: SiriusBlack   -   Monday October 08, 2018

This morning I went to the Buena Park Coin Show in SoCal. This was my first coin show ever. First thought... Overwhelming!!!

I know it’s a small show, but having no idea what to expect, I walked in and got overwhelmed by quantity immediately! My coin buying has so far been limited to the local b&m store which has been awesome, but limiting since they don’t have much turnover.

I had read from others show reports that it helps to go in with a few things in mind ahead of time. I decided that while I have a 7070 set, my budget was really low this show so I wasn’t going to get any outstanding types and should probably stick to something more manageable. I settled on Lincoln’s and Indian Head Cents, either slabbed or raw. As I discovered, even that was to vague!

Everyone was very friendly towards me. I didn’t want to immediately spend with out taking everything in first so I made a once through looking briefly at each table to see what was offered. This is when my eyes started glazing over!

I knew The Penny Lady was going to be there and I since I’ve looked at her site many times she was #1 on my list to stop at. After my once through, I headed there and started perusing her cases looking at all of the wonderful cents! I’ve never seen so many slabbed coins before. I was very appreciative that she puts pricing on things because I’m not knowledgeable enough to know what things cost from a glance and I was intimidated to ask people about coins not wanting to waste their time when they pulled it out and I discovered it was way outside my budget. With her, I could admire the fancy coins, but zero in on ones more in my range. She was helping another gentleman but said hello and checked in with me periodically to see if I wanted to see anything. I finally got up the courage to sit down at one of the chairs and pulled out my Dansco Lincoln album. I figured I would go with raw coins because I had more selection. I’ll save the slabbed coins for when budget allows for nicer examples. She continued to help the other gentleman while another person working at her table helped me. She continued to chime in now and again to make sure I was doing ok. In the end I chose a nice 1910-S and 1922-D both in XF that will look great in my album! I realized as I was saying thank you and getting up to leave that I have never told her I was on the boards here and she had even replied to me last night! d’oh! So I told her who I was and she laughed and thanked me for stopping by!

The gentleman that was helping me at her table recommended another dealer an aisle over that had a lot of Lincoln’s with honest grading and pricing so I thanked him for that and went over to see what the other dealer had to offer. I found a couple more wheat backs, a 1919-S and a 1941 both of which will be nice upgrades to coins I had pulled from rolls previously.

Things I learned from my first show: 
1. Plan better so you have a larger budget! I had mistakenly forgotten this show existed and hadn’t saved up any money for the show so I was limited in my options even though I saw a lot of great coins. 
2. I didn’t have enough of a plan going in. I thought I had narrowed it down, but sitting at the table with my Dansco was overwhelming because of the large amounts of holes I need to fill. I think in the future it would make more sense to narrow it down further to specific dates I want. If I walked in with 10 dates in mind and researched how much they would cost ahead of time, it would have been a lot easier to concentrate on those and check a few dealers for options.

I was intimidated to sit at peoples tables because I felt bad occupying their chairs with my meager budget when others could have been waiting to sit that had much more to spend. Luckily everyone was very accommodating and I never felt like anyone was waiting on me to get out of the way, which of course I would have if need be.

Overall I had a great time. It was a good experience and I learned more about what to expect and how to focus better next time! Plus, I got four new coins for my album!

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