Rich and Nancy lost their house in Paradise CA fires
Author: Kevin J Flynn   -   Friday November 30, 2018

Most of us in the coin hobby have been inspired from the writings and teachings of Rich Kelly and Nancy Oliver.  They have written several excellent numismatic books are write regular columns in the Numismatist and have also written many articles in Coin World.   Some of us have had the privilege to communicate with them over the years.  They have touched many of us in a positive way.

Tragically Rich and Nancy lost their house in Paradise CA through their fires.  Rich and Nancy escaped,  but tragically, Nancy's mother, who was fleeing separately, was overtaken by the blaze, and did not survive. 

The objective of this gofundme is to raise money for Rich and Nancy, so when they get back on their feet and ready to get back into writing books, they have the tools, such as computers, scanners, printers, cameras, and such in order to continue their passion in our great hobby and to help them as they see fit.

In a heartbeat without question or hesitation, I know they would do for any of us in our time of need.
The link to the gofundme is



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