2017 BRNA Young Numismatists Program
Author: Liz Coggan   -   Sunday June 11, 2017
This year our YN Program will be hosting Randy'L Hedow Teton, the female model used to design the Sacagawea dollar which was struck from 2000-2008.


We encourage our young numismatists to plan to come to the show to meet Randy'L and to participate in our cultural outfit contest for those who like to be artistic and creative, our essay contest for those who like to research history and write about it, and our trivia contest, for those who like puzzles.

Make sure you plan to join us on Saturday when Randy'L will present an interesting talk on what it was like to be chosen as the model for the Sacagawea dollar and her experiences as the model.

If you are a Girl Scout or Boy Scout member, invite your friends. Each young person will receive a Sacagawea dollar, encapsulated by Independent Coin Graders (ICG) service, and PERSONALLY authographed by Randy'L Hedow Teton! This is a valuable keepsake with a great story you can tell your friends. And who knows, you might receive a coin collecting merit badge in the process!.

Here is how you can participate:

1.Take part in our essay contest! As part of the study of this coin and the historically significant woman featured on it, we will be having an essay contest for all YN members who are 7th through 12th grades. Please write a 3 - page essay, double spaced,explaining who Sacagawea was and what her role was in the Lewis and Clark Expedition and why she is a person of historical significance. All essays should be submitted to Liz Coggan at the following email address: liz@jjteaparty.com. The deadline for submitting your essay is July 31st 2017.

2. Culturally Accurate Outfit Contest: Plan to come to the show on Saturday dressed as either Sacagawea or one of the explorers, Lewis or Clark.

3. Participate in our Trivia Challenge and pick up Sacagawea coin related items to add to your collection.

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on Saturday of the YN program for both the essay and culturally accurate outfits.

If you happen to be in the Georgia area traveling, or live in a nearby state, we hope you will plan to join us for this historically significant event. It promises to be a wonderful learning opportunity for all, as well as a fun time, so please plan to attend. For more details on the BRNA coin show hours of operation, please contact Ron Blackman, Bourse Chairman at rblackman@cfl.rr.com.


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