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Old Bowie City Hall
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Bowie Coin Club - Information

1) Cash and Door Prizes at Meetings

1a) The cash prize starts at $5.00 and if the members number is not drawn, then it builds up to $50 (increments of $5 each meeting) and stays at that level until someone wins. All member numbers are included in the cash prize drawing, however a member must be present to win. 

1b) When a member arrives at a meeting, they are to find their member-numbered chip at the front table and it will be included in the drawings. 

1c) Door prizes are determined by market value and the Club budget. 

1d) At the January Meeting, we have an annual drawing for a $50.00 cash door prize. This is open to all members of the club whether they attend the meeting or not. This allows out-of-state, out-of-country, and members who cannot attend the meetings, a chance to be part of our January cash prize. 

1e) Participation in door prizes is for members only. 


2) Monthly Auction

2a) There is generally a limit of 35 lots per member. Sellers need to fill out a selling sheet from the table and give your lots to an officer of the club, preferably at the beginning or end of the meeting, since the break time is used for door prize drawings. Submitted lots at meetings will appear two months later on the bid sheet. Blank selling sheets are available at the meetings and on the Bowie Coin Club Website. The suggested starting price is $7.00 per lot. Note: The limit on lots and starting price is flexible depending on availabilty of auction resources. 

2b) If you change your mind after you have placed a lot for sale and wish to remove it from the bid sheet, this must be done at least 24 hours before the meeting that applies to your lots. 

2c) Sellers will get paid via U.S. Mail for lots sold; you will not get paid at the meeting. Contact the Treasurer of the club for any questions, or changes to your lots. 

2d) Charges for sold lots are 5 Percent of final price. If a lot is not sold (scratched) $1.00 is charged per lot. 

2e) Members are encouraged to double check their winning lots. Lots left on the table and not picked up are at risk of being lost.

2f) Bidding privileges and selling of coins is for members only.


3) Website

The Bowie Coin Club website is located at: Information on events and meetings are posted on the main page. Additional information about location, membership and contact information are on the website. Also, we have a photo section that includes member photos and all the events the club is involved with. Member photos are voluntary and can be removed at any time.

4) Membership

4a) Dues are $15.00 yearly. The Club year runs from January through December. Members joining after July 1st are charged 1/2 the annual fee. Junior members (17 and younger) dues are $5.00. 

4b) Benefits include open bidding privileges at meetings, the annual dinner, door prizes & drawings. Refreshments are included at the meetings. There is a special end-of-year celebration consisting mainly of desserts (prizes are included). 

4c) To join the club you can attend a meeting or you can join via the Bowie Coin Club Website. 

4d) An annual membership contest runs concurrent with the membership year. The first member to bring in the most new members will win a $50.00 prize. Members bringing in a junior member (age 17 and under) will be counted as two.


5) Email List

5a) Benefits of being on the list include important notices and event information. Also, you will receive bid sheets in advance of the meetings and regular US mailings. 

5b) Your confidentiality is of primary concern to us, therefore your email address will not be given out to anyone or made public. Mass mail outs will be to the Group BCC List. You should only see (Bowie Coin Club) in "TO:" and "From: lines of messages sent to you. Of course individual messages and replies will contain your name in the "TO:" heading of the message.


6) Absentee Bids

6a) Absentee bids are bids that have been phoned in, emailed, or sent via US Mail. What is the policy on returns ? Unless stated in the bid sheet as "No Returns" lots can be returned to the treasurer for refund, if they were inadequately described or damaged. 

6b) Coins are available for viewing at the meetings before the auction begins. If you bid on a coin, be certain as these are not refundable. 

6c) Absentee bids must be done in advance, meaning not less than 2 days prior to the meeting. Members placing reserve bids will be told that they will have to pay shipping, handling and insurance or make arrangements with the Treasurer to meet and make the exchange.


7) Confidentiality

Information about members such as telephone number, address and email address will not be given out to anyone. This information is for club use only and restricted to use by club officers.

8) Elections

Elections for club officers are held every two years in November. The next election will be November 2019. Elections are held in the odd numbered years (2019, 2021, 2023, etc.). Elected officers take office on January 1st of the next year. There are 4 elected Officers of the club and 2 appointed positions by the officers of the Club. The duties of the Club Officers are described in the Club By-Laws, as well as below. 

9) Club Representation

Members are encouraged to bring in new members, and Club officers will only represent the club for purposes of recruiting or correspondence with present members. 

10) Annual Dinner

Membership includes an annual dinner, usually in May. Guests are charged the price of a membership. Door prizes will be given out at the annual dinner. Members must be present to win any prizes at the function.

11) Refreshments at Meetings

Coffee, sodas and cookies are included with your membership fee at each meeting, however, members bringing in additional items are always welcome. Due to a limited amount of food, refreshments should be limited to a small portion by each member and not a substitute for dinner, to allow everyone a chance to partake.

12) Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held by Officers of the Club and the two appointed Officers of the Club. Officers have equal voting privileges in matters of the Club. The officers of the Club meet on an as needed basis, but no less than every 6 months. Club Members may submit ideas and/or suggestions to be included on the agenda to any officer. After the Board Meeting, the results are provided to the rest of the Club. Members who are not Board members are allowed to sit in on the Board Meetings only in the capacity of an observer. 

13) Constitution and By-Laws

The Club Constitution and By-Laws are voted upon and approved by Members. Amendments are made as required. 

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