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The club meets the first Wednesday of each month except July and December when we have a holiday dinner.


The Delaware County Coin Club (DCCC) was started in 1951 and has been meeting continuously since.  The club consists of a group of coin and currency collectors at all levels from novice to expert and with interests that cover a wide range of numismatic interests.  The club is a long standing member of the American Numismatic Association.

Each month’s meeting is highlighted by a program on a specific numismatic area.  Programs are presented by a mix of members and outside speakers sharing their knowledge.  Each meeting has exhibits, door prizes, and an open discussion on various topics.  There are frequent mini auctions at the end of meetings.  Refreshments are served.  April is our annual “kid’s night” with numismatic prizes for all.

 Interested guests and collectors of all levels are welcome.  Come join us to learn and socialize.


In 1962, DCCC was responsible for a plaque being hung at the Prospect Hill Baptist Church in Prospect Park.  This plaque stands in honor of Rev. Mark R. Watkinson who wrote a letter to Salmon P. Chase requesting recognition of Almighty God on the coinage of the United States.   Rev. Watkinson was the preacher at the Church on this site in 1861.  Mr. Chase accepted Rev. Watkinson’s suggestion and the motto “In God We Trust” was first included on the two-cent piece in 1864.  This coin is used as a symbol for the club on the stationary of DCCC.


The club issues a new wooden two cent piece every year commemorating a historical site in Delaware County.

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