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Always buying US & World coins, currency and bullion. Cash buyer of anything from an estate collection to a single silver dime.

Buying original rolls of State quarters, Presidential and Sacagawea dollars and all cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves and dollars. Must be original.



The most advanced grading guide! Unavailable all year. I contacted the author directly and got a case of 32 copies.

NOW IN: Scott Travers' Coin Collector's Survival Manual Revised 7th Edition.    Out of print for years. This is the one book every collector needs. More valuable than the Red Book. Really. 

Also in: 1849: The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold, Whitman's new Liberty Seated Silver Coins and Whitman's new Modern United States Dollar Coins.

Relax on new leather furniture and browse my collection of new and used numismatic literature. Or just hang out and talk coins while listening to the best music. Really. The best.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY 11:00-7:00   SATURDAY & SUNDAY NOON-5:00   Monday-Wednesday by appointment

Phone 925 257 7080 Cell 707 666 5963  Fax 855 884 5564


Fully lustrous 1941-D Mercury dime NGC MS66FB $65 Premium Gem reference coin

Attractive gem 1941-D 25¢ NGC MS65 $70 Gem reference coin

Stunning blast-white PCGS AU-58 1934-S Peace dollar

Extremely low mintage PCGS G-6 1913-S Barber quarter: Lowest mintage of any 20th Century American silver business-strike coin!

Blast-white PCGS MS66 1954 Roosevelt dime only $10.00! Cheap way to own a Premium Gem reference coin.

Very attractive, nicely matched raw 1946 PDS Choice to Near Gem Booker T. Washington set: $125

Historically interesting Stone Mountain TEX GL 52 (Gold Lavalier) EF details, ex-jewelry: $250

Superb Gem Proof PCGS PR67DCAM 1979-S Type 2 SBA Dollar $70

Most 1960 to date US in Choice to Gem BU/PR starting at 25¢. Hundreds of coins under $1. Children and grandchildren welcome. This week's new coins include scores of Proof coins from 1979 to 2016, all denominations, including silver proofs.

Huge selection of numismatic books (over 50 titles) and auction catalogs (too many to count). Also coin folders, loupes (glass in 5X, 7X, 10X, 14X & 20X), coin tubes, 2X2s, Air-tites, storage boxes, coin pages, silica gel packs and other supplies. If I don't have it, I'll get it for you!


Week after week, precious metals had been closing higher and higher. The Brexit vote spurred silver to heights not seen since January 2015.

The jump twenty-sixweeks ago took us back to August 2014. Just before the recession, silver closed over $20. Even before the Arab Spring propelled it to almost $50 in 2011, it had returned above $20, where it mainly stayed for four years, dipping rarely to $19.50. What does the future hold? I don't know. Silver bottomed at $13.62 December 15, 2015, a level not seen since August 2009, after a fifteen-month decline. This week finds silver up 26% in fourteen months. Time to sell? Time to buy? In either case, I can accomodate your needs whether it be American Silver Eagles, bullion or junk silver. That's why I'm here. I also have AGE in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce. Also .9999 one-ounce gold Maple Leaves.

Silver Friday close week by week: $16.39 $17.28 $17.47 $17.72 $19.75 $20.25 $20.19 $19.60 $20.28 $19.66 $19.64 $19.25 $18.65 $19.42 $19.03 $18.76 $19.67 $19.15 $17.52 $17.38 $17.50 $17.72 $18.40 $17.36 $16.92 $16.51 $16.72 $16.81 $16.07 $15.73 $15.88 $16.43 $16.80 $17.05 $17.12 $17.49 $17.93 

Gold Friday close week by week: $1243.50 $1273.30 $1298.10 $1315.60 $1346.90 $1365.40 $1337.10 $1322.10 $1350.40 $1336.40 $1335.70 $1341.10 $1320.50 $1324.80 $1327.80 $1310.00 $1337.10 $1315.90 $1257.60 $1250.50 $1265.70 $1274.70 $1304.40 $1227.60 $1207.40 $1183.60 $1177.10 $1159.60 $1134.60 $1134.50 $1150.90 $1172.20 $1196.90 $1210.00 $1191.30 $1219.50 $1232.00 

Gold, after touching $1375 July 6, fell to $1320 on the 14th. This week gold rose to $1232.00, $13.00 above last Friday's close.  Silver peaked at $20.65 July 10 and then dropped to $19.87 on the 12th. This week silver rose to $17.93 44¢ above last Friday's close. Gold stopped drifiting down, as it had been since it became obvious Trump would be our next president. The Fed's interest rate hike just continued the trend, also turning around silver.

Well, it seems to me that gold and silver have finally bottomed out and are going to continue moving up through March.

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