Armen Moloian Rare Coins
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Armen Moloian Rare Coins
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We are an independent services dealer that specializes in:

Estate Apprasials : We provide IRS acceptable Estate Apprasials for use in Estate Tax planning.  If you are the executor of an estate that has a hoard of coins and currency we can help you determine Fair Market Value on any given date.

Purchasing your Collection : From a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We buy entire lots. From Proof Sets to Top Tier registry coins. We do not turn away anyone or anything. No cherry-picking means we are a one stop shop for those who want to liquidate a collection and does not have the time to sell it off piece-meal. Our extensive wholesale network means we can offer fair prices for everything in your collection. We pay for shipping and insurance or we come to you. Same day offers with immediate payment.

Registry Set Consulting : We help serious collectors get the most out of their registry set collecting. We help plot strategies and focus to maximize the rating of your registry Set.

Auction Representative : We do in hand lot reviews, establish maximum prices, auction plans and live bidding for you at many of the major auctions.

Facilitate Trades and Upgrades : We take your trade-ins and work with other dealers to get you the maximum value towards upgrades.

Auction Consignment :Let us consign your coins to auction and we can use our relationship with the Auction Houses to maximize your returns on no reserve auctions.

Hoard Conversion : We have helped many collectors turn their hoards into collections. We help with every step of the process with low fees to take your years of accumulations and turn them into a “Box of 20” that you can be proud of.

Servicing Want Description :  Please visit our want list page and let us know what you need!

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